 Pre-requisites: Knowledge of Basic Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering Drawing

 Design Studio/Practical: 2 hr to develop design sketching and practical skills, learning digital tools

 Continuous Assessment: Progress through a product design and documentation of steps in the selected product design

 End Semester Assessment: Product Design in Studio with final product specifications

Pre-Requisites: Engineering Mechanics

Course Outcomes: At the end of the course, students will be able to:

CO1: State the basic definitions of fundamental terms such as axial load, eccentric load, stress, strain, E, μ, etc.
CO2: Recognize the stress state (tension, compression, bending, shear, etc.) and calculate the value of stress developed in the component in axial/eccentric static and impact load cases.
CO3: Distinguish between uniaxial and multiaxial stress situation and calculate principal stresses, max. shear stress, their planes and max. normal and shear stresses on a given plane.
CO4: Analyze given beam for calculations of SF and BM
CO5: Calculate slope and deflection at a point on cantilever /simply supported beam using double integration, Macaulay’s , Area-moment and superposition methods
CO6: Differentiate between beam and column and calculate critical load for a column using Euler’s and Rankine’s formulae