Now a days Level Measurements of Dam is done manually and there by volume measurement too. But there are lots of errors in manual method, like level is measure by just observation of scale which is drawn on column of Dam and also capacity is calculated by only judgement. Data collection is also manual so we are trying to develop such a system which can measure the water level automatically and calculate water storage capacity of dam and collect the data at one system for record purpose. And also display the water storage capacity in nearby dams at centralize location of city so that general public/farmers can aware about available water storage capacity nearby city and make proper utilization of it for agriculture as well as for other purposes too.


In this project we are using a water level sensor which can give level of water after some interval of time

Which is then given to Arduino in which volume of water store in dam is calculated. Then after this calculated data is given to GSM module which can transfer the data to the other GSM which is at system where we are going to collect the data Eg. patbandhara office or shirpur pattern office. After this the data is collected at system. Then we are going to display that water storage capacity in nearby dams by fitting display at centralize location of city.