Problem statement:

In small towns, there is very few number of garbage vans,  so people face so many problems with the timings of garbage van. The dustbin is kept outside from morning. As the van timing is not fix , many times garbage dustbin is over flow and many animals like dogs, cows or goat spill that dustbin. This creates a bad scene, then no one take initiative to collect that spilled garbage.


Our project focuses on the operational capability, citizen’s satisfaction, reliability and on time availability of Garbage van services offered through various departments like solid waste engineering services and scheduling services etc. As waste management operation all over the world attempt to become cleaner and greener. We are leading the way with complete end-to-end automation and monitoring of waste collection and management.

We are using cutting edge technologies like GPS,GSM ,Sensors along with innovative mobile and web application to improve and smoothen ground-level mechanisms for waste collection and efficient processing on of waste.

 Innovation :

  • ·        We are using android mobile application to trace the location of garbage van.
  • ·    When van enters in our area ,we get notification through this mobile application and if that van is not coming then we also get the same notification on our mobile.
  • ·   We can capture the image of garbage and put it on application then Municipal Corporation will reach at that place and collect that garbage.

Sketch Diagram: