This project mainly works on GPS and GSM systems. The Bus is traced by using information from satellite systems and send to GSM systems.    

Bus and system are connected initially by using GSM network.The System will send message to Moving Bus for connectivity, hardware mounted on Bus reacts to message and send conformation message to system and then if the message is valid one then GPS modem is initiated and requested for location.

 The latitude and longitude values are compared with the values stored in the memory and corresponding location name is given to the controller which in turn uses GSM/GPRS to send the location name by means of Short Message Service back to system.


Vehicle tracking has become so advanced and simple with various upcoming technologies. But the cost effectiveness and its implementation have become high. The problem lies in maintaining high grade servers to back up the data for vehicle tracking and the use of internet to track these vehicles.



Although real time tracking of vehicles through internet gives a solutions to public vehicles. Based  on  the literature  reviews,  the system  proposed  here  is  a GPS/GSM  real  time  vehicle tracking  system  with internal database  of  the  various  location  details of  which the  vehicle  would  travel  on  a  daily basis.  This  solution  can  be  applied  to  public transport  buses and  college  buses which  take only  the  specified  routes  on  a  daily  basis.