Many students and staff members are often late for college because they decide to wait for the bus instead of

using an alternate transportation.To reduce this confusion and inconvenience, a message will be shown on the web that will provide the real-time information about the bus showing its arrival time which could reduce the anxiety of passengers waiting for the bus.The student inconvenience can be avoided by introducing a system which provides real-time information about the location and estimated time of arrival of the bus. This project focuses on the implementation of a Real- time  bus Tracking system (RTBTS) , by installing GPS(Global Positioning System)-module devices on the college bus which will transmit the current location on the GPS receiver.Now the GPS receiver will be interfaced with a computer and an interface driver will auto save data in a dot text file (.txt) which will continue to do so until the GPS module is connected to a bus . From here the application will receive data and store it in a web server from where the system will display real-time information of the bus.The real-time bus tracking system is a standalone system designed to display the real-time location(s) of the buses provided by the college.

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