Automatic shoe cleaning and polishing machine

Abstract:  In this project, it is proposed to design a shoe sole cleaning machine, incorporating shoe polishing facility with this machine. As all the employees, faculty etc required to wear clean shoes before entering their laboratories, as these laboratories have highly precised instruments, sensors etc and the air inside should be very clean. Thus shoe sole cleaner with shoe polishing machine is designed, considering all the parameters with respect to customer need in terms portability and also economically available to them, thus providing not only clean environment but also provide the style quotient to the person with polishing effect.

Shoe Cleaning Machine


There is a famous proverb “Cleanliness is next to godliness”. The machine which we have designed and fabricated implicates this, called as “shoe sole cleaner with shoe polishing machine”, here the shoes sole can be cleaned and polished in much less time with no effort.


1. shoe brushes

2. power transmitting motor

3. gearing arrangement

4. polishing oil


A DC motor is connected to a 3 gears, through a power transmitting mechanism. Each gears are fitted on a spindle respectively. i.e. 1, 2 and 3. On a spindle 1 a polishing brush is attached. and a polishing oil is leaked though the spores of the brush. and a upper portion of the shoe is also clean. on a spindle 2 side cleaning brushing arrangement is situated. so the side portion of the shoe is clean. The sole is clean by sole cleaning brush, which is mounted on a 3rd spindle.






Air port etc..